custom wall signs and exterior wall signs in charlotte

Wall Signs

Wall Signs

A great, cost-effective alternative to channel letter signs are wall signs, also referred to as box signs or cabinet signs. These signs are attached to an exterior wall in order to give onlookers a clear display of your name and your brand.

About Exterior Wall Signs

Often in the shape of a box, wall signs are made up of a sturdy aluminum hollow frame with space to house all the electrical needed. Their clean, highly customizable look leaves a lasting impression, and is used by establishments of all types including restaurants, offices, schools, churches, and stores.

The ability to fully customize a wall sign lends to its branding ability, and clear use as a marketing tool in itself. The sign is able to be created to highlight the company logo, allowing it to make a strong and lasting first impression. Bright colors specific to your business and a distinct font merge into an eye-catching design.

Our Process

Building Signs That Command Attention.

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At Phoenix Signs, we provide premium designs, offer a wide range of sign materials, fabricate all signs efficiently at a fully-equipped facility, and ensure the job gets done to the highest standard.

Wall Sign Benefits

Because wall signs are traditionally in the shape of a box, many customers believe they are limited when it comes to this type of sign. However, one of the benefits of wall signs is the ability to customize. These signs are able to be manufactured and designed in a variety of shapes and sizes that can provide a perfect fit for your logo and help your brand stand out. Wall signs have the option of illumination, and allow for full-color, dazzling graphics.

Adding to customization is the fact that the design itself is on a graphic insert. Because of that, it has the ability to be easily changed over time. If you foresee a change in branding in the next several years, you can rest assured a swift, affordable transition is in your future.

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Custom Wall Signs Solution & Results

These signs easily transition from daytime to nighttime. The colors, graphics, and unique face make your business stand out during the day. The illumination of the sign in the dark easily drives customers to your doorstep.

Many choose custom wall signs because they tend to be more affordable than other comparable options. In other words, you get a high quality, long-lasting sign for a lower price tag. The aluminum frame is able to prevent rusting and the polycarbonate surface holds onto color to keep your sign bright and attention-grabbing. 

Custom wall signs allow for clear and extended visibility in order to attract as many customers as possible. These signs are typically mounted as high as possible on the wall in order to grab the attention of those in parking lots of shopping centers or on busy streets.

The Right Signage Can Serve As Your Greatest Marketing Tool.
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