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Blade Signs

Exterior & Interior Blade Signs

Blade signs, mounted perpendicular on the side of a building and jutting out from a wall, are perfect for any business where they could receive customers from all sides of the business.

Blade Signs Overview

Often seen on city blocks and busy streets, blade signs have the unique ability to pick up visibility from multiple points of view. These signs can easily gauge both pedestrian and commuter viewers, and can be customized for the needs of your business.

Historically popular in theater districts and retail establishments, Blade signs are known to easily capture an audience. They are known to be customizable, making it easy to show off your brand to anyone who sees it.

Blade signs also come with the option of light, helpful to those businesses in busy downtown locations frequented at night. The illumination provided by the sign attracts new customers and ensures your establishment is seen to be an inviting one.

Our Process

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At Phoenix Signs, we provide premium designs, offer a wide range of sign materials, fabricate all signs efficiently at a fully-equipped facility, and ensure the job gets done to the highest standard.

Benefits of Exterior & Interior Blade Signs

They are known to be customizable, making it easy to show off your brand to anyone who sees it. With multiple material options--wood, acrylic, vinyl, aluminum, etc.--and endless font choices, these signs can catch the eyes of your customers while simultaneously filling them in on what to expect from your business.

Blade signs also function as “way-finding” signs. These signs literally stick out of the wall, helping to direct the onlooker to your location. When passing by on the street, they tell the potential customer exactly where you are.

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Increase Traffic With Your Sign

Often, especially when a business is located in a heavily congested area, a sign on the face of the building is not enough to attract the attention of those walking by. Because a blade sign is perpendicular from the wall, they are more easily visible and automatically stand out. In any area that tends to be more populated, passersby have plenty of places to choose from and many competitors. However, designing an eye-catching blade sign can motivate customers to choose you.

These signs function just as effectively in interior locations as well. Within malls and indoor buildings offering multiple services, a blade sign can direct anyone walking down the hallway right to your front door. Customers getting lost within your vast space? These hanging signs can make clear how to find your way around, providing your customer with the relaxing experience you want to give them.

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