process for fabricating business signs in charlotte

We are a full service sign company. Once you reach out to us, we start the process and see it through until your installation is complete.

We take care of all communication with outside vendors, contractors, and necessary officials on top of the design and fabrication of the sign itself, ensuring you can rest easy and know that this is one aspect of your business that is completely off your plate.
how we design custom business designs

What Working With Us Looks Like

Establish Sign Specifications

After receiving your call or email and acquiring your establishment’s location, we request computer art from the business. This gives our team a chance to see your vision and what we need to design.

Site Inspection & Survey

A member of our team goes out to your location to perform the survey. This entails getting an idea of the colors of the building and its surroundings, along with taking measurements and photographs. With this information, design can be solidified.

Landlord & City Regulations

With the site information established, we take what you want and what the landlord and city regulations allow to finalize the design. We check in with you again at that point to see if any changes are necessary.

Design & Fabrication

At that point, we send out the sign’s design to obtain approval and permits from both the landlord and the city in order to start the manufacturing process.


After manufacturing is complete, our team heads back to your location to install the sign. To ensure safety for all, we work alongside your electrician if any lighting is involved to make sure the power is sufficient. Installation always includes electrical hook-up.

Completion & Maintenance

When installation is complete, we take photographs, which we send to you to compare with the original drawing.

Randy Ulery

I have followed one rule in my business…treat others as I would like to be treated.

At Phoenix Signs, we take on the entire process, start to finish.

We initiate contact with any general contractor involved, with outside vendors, with city officials, and with landlords.

Our streamlined process, while catered to your needs, allows for efficient and high-quality results that abide by all regulations and ordinances. You can rest assured that this part of your business will be done right.

We Work With Global Industries!

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