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Interior Signs in Charlotte

Interior Signs in Charlotte

Once that customer enters the building, it’s the interior signage that makes them comfortable, trusting, and willing to come back.

Why Indoor Signs Are Important

Often, business owners think of exterior signs first. And that makes sense, as they are the first impression a company makes on a potential customer. However, once that customer enters the building, it’s the interior signage that makes them comfortable, trusting, and willing to come back.

Many landlords may not allow logos or distinct branding on outdoor signs. This is your chance as a business to show the logo and promote your brand. These interior signs often decorate the lobby, adorn the entrance, or enhance the reception area. Having these signs visible immediately to the client or customer lets them know what you’re about and how you want to be perceived.

Simply getting information across to every customer is another great use for interior signs. Often, restaurants want to display what they are known for, doctors want to give general health reminders, and stores may want to remind customers of their expectations. Interior signs are a clear, simple way to get any necessary message across.

Our Process

Building Signs That Command Attention.

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At Phoenix Signs, we provide premium designs, offer a wide range of sign materials, fabricate all signs efficiently at a fully-equipped facility, and ensure the job gets done to the highest standard.

Wide Variety Of Options

Overall, indoor signs make the environment more inviting to customers, clients, and employees. They brighten up rooms, remind everyone of the business’ mission, and establish the cohesive, professional look that demands respect.

At Phoenix Signs, we know there is no one-size-fits-all signage, especially when it comes to interior signs. We are proud to offer a variety of options, specifically designed for your company. Our signs range in thickness, and give our clients the option of non-lit, lit, or backlit. We produce signs for lobbies, restaurants, retail stores, etc., always with the intent to give your customers a positive experience.

  • Meet All Criteria and Building Regulations
  • Worry-Free Design & Installation Process
  • Unrivaled, Professional Quality

Solution & Results

Your business, especially if you are a franchisee, may have existing signage meant for interior locations. At Phoenix Signs, we are happy to manufacture signs in order to match the existing ones, while making sure to comply with any location-specific criteria. If your business is brand new, we take your vision and our professionals design your signs, consistently resulting in a cohesive and inviting look.

Throughout the entire process, our team will be there alongside you. After the design has been approved by the necessary stakeholders, we will manufacture the signs and install them. Following installation, we make any necessary future repairs and work to ensure your signs are well-maintained.

The Right Signage Can Serve As Your Greatest Marketing Tool.
  • Site Survey
  • Seeks Permits & Approval
  • Design Signs That Grab Attention
  • Highest Quality Sign Materials
  • Fabrication & Installation