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Pole Signs

Pole Signs

Pole signs are most often cabinet signs placed atop a steel pole, usually illuminated. Their larger size and consistent exposure create an impression on anyone who passes by and allow for a degree of visibility unattainable by other signage types. On top of that, they are fully customizable and are a good fit for most businesses.

About Pole Signs

At Phoenix Signs, our engineers will determine the pole size based on your location, the size of the sign, and the potential wind. We will contact the local government in the establishment’s area for any potential height restrictions. This process will take all planning off your plate while simultaneously optimizing the sign’s potential.

The primary and most obvious benefit of a pole sign is its clear visibility to anyone that drives or walks by. The height of the sign can attract traffic to the most hidden of businesses. 

Like many of our other signs, pole signs are customizable and can easily be manufactured to be unique to your brand and style. This type of sign is able to include your logo, the font you typically use, and the colors your customers are accustomed to. That way, your business will be clearly recognizable from a distance.

Our Process

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At Phoenix Signs, we provide premium designs, offer a wide range of sign materials, fabricate all signs efficiently at a fully-equipped facility, and ensure the job gets done to the highest standard.

Pole Sign Benefits

These signs fit a variety of businesses and establishments, including churches, restaurants, shopping centers, dealerships, and schools. The ability to customize the sign and the exposure it allows make them popular for any type of organization.

Pole signs have the option of illumination. Especially for after-hours businesses, this is an essential feature that can provide easy advertising at all times. The illumination, coupled with their height, allows for plenty of exposure.

If your establishment is in the midst of a group of other establishments, it can be difficult to stand out. A pole sign will allow your business to stand out among the others, and receive the visual awareness it deserves.

Pole signs are a great resource for businesses off of highways and/or partially blocked by trees. As you want your business seen from all angles, the height of a pole sign will make your location visible to all traffic.

  • Meet All Criteria and Building Regulations
  • Worry-Free Design & Installation Process
  • Unrivaled, Professional Quality