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Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are unique, both in visibility and production, because they are made up of letters, which are each individual signs themselves. Each letter is three-dimensional, as if extending out of the mounting surface.

About Channel Letter Signs

Because your branding can be so easily represented by the design of the channel letters, you are able to create a recognizable image passersby will always know on sight. The signs have the ability to make a lasting first impression that serves as yet another marketing tool. In addition, the spacing and dimensions of these signs make them highly visible in all conditions, making their recognition that much easier.

You see these most often in shopping centers, but are also likely to see them on restaurants, medical offices, and a variety of other establishments.

Our Process

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At Phoenix Signs, we provide premium designs, offer a wide range of sign materials, fabricate all signs efficiently at a fully-equipped facility, and ensure the job gets done to the highest standard.

Benefits of Channel Letter Signage

Though you are still responsible for meeting all city and landlord criteria, channel letters can be customized to your liking. Based on our site survey, we can help you choose the size and color based on the building’s surroundings. The letters can be manufactured in any style, allowing your company to display its brand. Lighting, too, is an option often used. The letters can be lit with LEDs or neon, and you can choose to have them front lit or back lit.

Most importantly for any business, these signs are typically a one-time expense that will last the duration of your business. Since they serve as a marketing tool on their own, displaying your brand for all to see, the returns on investment are endless.

  • Meet All Criteria and Building Regulations
  • Worry-Free Design & Installation Process
  • Unrivaled, Professional Quality

Solution & Results

These letters, most often constructed with acrylic or aluminum, are able to hold up against almost all elements of weather. That means you can remain worry-free when there are high winds, severe storms, and even constant sunlight. If a letter does somehow become damaged, as always, our channel letter sign company ensures all signs are well-maintained, so you will never be the store in the plaza with one dark or broken letter.

Channel letter signs are not strictly meant for storefront or outdoor use. Many businesses benefit from using channel letters indoors. They have a strong ability to capture attention of customers and clients, can brighten up any space, and will bring you branding from the outside in.

The Right Signage Can Serve As Your Greatest Marketing Tool.
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  • Seeks Permits & Approval
  • Design Signs That Grab Attention
  • Highest Quality Sign Materials
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