Pole Signs

exterior signs charlotte - pole signs
Pole Signs Pole signs are most often cabinet signs placed atop a steel pole, usually illuminated. Their larger size and consistent exposure create an impression on anyone who passes by and allow for a degree of visibility unattainable by other signage types. On top of that, they are fully customizable and are a good fit […]
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Wall Signs

custom wall signs and exterior wall signs in charlotte
Wall Signs A great, cost-effective alternative to channel letter signs are wall signs, also referred to as box signs or cabinet signs. These signs are attached to an exterior wall in order to give onlookers a clear display of your name and your brand. About Exterior Wall Signs Often in the shape of a box, […]
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Channel Letter Signs

channel letter signs by phoenix signs
Channel Letter Signs Channel letter signs are unique, both in visibility and production, because they are made up of letters, which are each individual signs themselves. Each letter is three-dimensional, as if extending out of the mounting surface. About Channel Letter Signs Because your branding can be so easily represented by the design of the […]
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Blade Signs

backlit blade signs, interior blade signs, exterior blade signs
Exterior & Interior Blade Signs Blade signs, mounted perpendicular on the side of a building and jutting out from a wall, are perfect for any business where they could receive customers from all sides of the business. Blade Signs Overview Often seen on city blocks and busy streets, blade signs have the unique ability to […]
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Interior Signs in Charlotte

interior signs charlotte - eat the frog fitness
Interior Signs in Charlotte Once that customer enters the building, it’s the interior signage that makes them comfortable, trusting, and willing to come back. Why Indoor Signs Are Important Often, business owners think of exterior signs first. And that makes sense, as they are the first impression a company makes on a potential customer. However, […]
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Monument Signs

monument signs in charlotte
Monument Signs Monument signs are those that sit flush with the ground and serve as signage for a single location, multiple tenant location, and shopping centers. This can either be for a service by itself or a directory that lists multiple tenants. Monument Sign Benefits One often spoken about benefit of monument signs is the […]
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Restaurants Signs

custom restaurant signs by phoenix signs
Restaurants Signs After years of working with a variety of restaurants, Phoenix Signs knows the signage process for restaurants well and is able to provide full signage packages and services. Overview When a restaurant is preparing to open, an astronomical to-do list comes along with it. There is hiring and training of a new staff […]
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